How to tap in to your inner guidance

Hi beautiful soul,

Today I’m sharing how to start tapping into your own intuitive guidance and how doing this can change your life.

Opening up your own intuitive gifts is like having your own GPS system. You are taking away the guessing game and wondering if it was the “right” decision. You begin to remove anxiety and restlessness, and you start to live with the knowing that you are being guided. You start taking your brain out of making decisions and start leading with your soul.

Here’s how you can begin to tune into yourself and your inner guides.

STEP 1 //

Breath-work. As simple as this may sound starting with breath-work allows you to ground yourself and it sends a signal to your body that it is time to tune in. Starting a 5 minute breath-work practice is an amazing way to start.

exercise one- start breathing from you stomach with a two second inhale and two second exhale. Continue until you reach 4 or 5 seconds. ( or whatever feels best for you.)

exercise two- Ask for guidance. We all have spirit guides with us and they are always ready to help. Start doing the same breath- work but this time feel into any guidance you may receive.

If you don’t receive any please note, this is normal!! In the beginning it takes a while to understand what your signs look like. Just know you have them and they will come to you.

STEP 2 //

Start by asking yourself what your truth is.

Start feeling into what your yes and no feelings are.

Finding your yes and no.

  • Notice when something feels like a yes- do you feel light and expansive?
  • When it’s a no- does it feel heavy and dull?

Ways to practice this in you life now/

Keep a journal just for your yes and no feelings. Start to take note on if you always get the same feeling or if you see something repeatedly.

Why start to tune in?

You will start to form a strong relationship with yourself and your guides. You will trust yourself in so many ways.

You will help remove anxiety and uneasiness.

You will truly start to feel and trust in the saying “everything happens for a reason.”

Be able to question life and life events.

Begin to realize we can co- create our life.

You will see how guided you are.

// You were guided here and you deserve to live an EMpowered life!

Sending you light and love,


Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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