The Why

Here’s why personal development is SO important.

To me personal development is self love, self care and journaling. Really getting to know who you are and loving yourself.

You see it everywhere, right? But why? Why is it important to start building a relationship with yourself?

When you start building a relationship with yourself, you start to pay attention to how you are feeling. You start to learn about what you love and don’t love. You begin taking care of yourself and putting yourself first. You start putting your life and overall health into your own hands.

Why self love and self care ?

When you love yourself you are able to put yourself first. You are able to fully take care of yourself. You know when you are feeling off or when something isn’t right. You know how to release what you are holding onto.

When you have that self love for yourself you want to care for yourself.

You want to give yourself things that make you feel good.

Not only do you just want it but you take action on it. You have a routine that allows you to check in daily with yourself.

Self love isn’t just a trendy topic it is the foundation to living your best life.

The more in tuned you are, the more EMpowered you can live.

Now onto why journaling is life changing.

So why journaling?

The more you write out your feelings, you are releasing emotion that your body is holding onto. When we don’t release it our body holds onto it and manifests into something bigger.

Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself. Write out or speak out your true feelings, regardless if they are “negative” or not.

Start practicing now being so open with yourself and just knowing that everything that you are feeling is valid. You don’t have to hide anything.

2 ways to start a self love practice

  1. Start writing out 5 things a day that you love about yourself. // Get as detailed as possible
  2. Write out exactly how you are feeling, all the positives and negatives.// It’s so important to find the balance in every situation

Sending you light and love.

Emma xoxo.

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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