who are you living for?

This is a completely channeled blog, for the souls who need this message.

This is your life. Your time to fully live. You don’t have to please anyone. You don’t have obey anyone.

For way too long you have let your dreams and feelings take the backseat.

For way too long you have let yourself fall into someone you don’t want to be.

For the safety of others, you dim your own light.

But you are only hurting them and yourself.

You are needed now more than ever before.

Don’t wait another day to start living this life for you.

This is YOUR TIME.

You have it all.

You have everything within you.

You have the abundance

You have the protection.

You have the grace

You have the right words.

You have it all.

It is time for you to be YOU.

For the first time ever it is time

Release the beliefs telling you no.

release the people telling you no.

take the no away.

Breathe into the YES.

Breathe into your life.

BREATHE into your soul.

Take a deep breath right now and feel this message

This message was channeled for you.

By no mistake.

You are reading this because you were guided here.

ask for the guidance and you will receive.

say to yourself, YOU ARE DONE HIDING.

You are choosing now to live.

You are born now.

Your highest self in here now.

You are more powereful than ever before.

You are filled with light.

head to toe.

One more deep breath in

and say to yourself, “I love you. and I am here now.”

No more hiding

No more dimming your gifts.

It is time.

-source messages/ your guides.

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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