Feeling scared? Do it anyway!

Feeling scared isn’t a bad thing! If anything its an amazing feeling to have.

But Why? because that means your soul is ready to take that next step. Big or small that doesn’t matter. What matters is that what you are feeling is your soul speaking to you!

How does feeling scared mean my soul is speaking to me?

If you are going after a huge dream feeling scared will happen. If you are pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, feeling scared will come up!!

What matters is what you do with that feeling.

Do you give yourself a pep talk?? or do you let yourself shy away from that growth your soul is so ready for?

Start looking at feeling scared as your sign that you are ready for MORE.

You are ready for that next level!

Feeling scared is NORMAL. Feeling that fear is normal.

But once you start showing up for yourself that fear will look less scary because you will trust yourself.

The more you start showing up for yourself and leaning into the fear. The more you start scared the more you will realize how incredible you are.

and most importantly you will trust your self.

Here’s 2 steps on how to start scared right now-

  1. Start to trust yourself and know that you are FEELING scared. Meaning your are feeling it, but you aren’t defined as scared. You are just experiencing it.
  2. Starting creates. If you don’t start you will never know.

My favorite thing to ask myself is “If I don’t do this will I feel regret?” or I instantly go back and remind myself of my WHY.


Feeling scared means you are ready.

Trust yourself and start.

This is your sign you have been looking for.

As always, choose to live EMpowered.



Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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