Being real with yourself, means feeling every single emotion you have.

Hi beauty!!

Idk about you but I used to think I could only be positive or have “good vibes only” allllllll the time if I wanted to be successful or happy!

Being real with yourself, means feeling every single emotion you have.

Even if it is considered a “negative” one.

I tried this for a while but for me it felt fake and it was beyond draining!! I thought I was doing good for myself but I was actually ignoring myself and my soul needs.

When I started to be okay with looking into every emotion, things changed for me.

When you feel something is off or you just don’t want there to be anything off, it is soooo much better to look into why right away. The more you shove your feelings under the louder the universe will get.

For example, I used to be VERY closed off and hold everything in. I wouldn’t share my emotions really with anyone especially if I thought I would bring down the “vibe”. I would put on a fake smile and say I was good. In my mind it felt easier to say I was good rather than ask myself what was really going on.

On an energetic level here’s what that does.

1. I am completely ignoring my feelings which means my self love is pretty low. PLUS the energy I am giving to the universe is fake, they can feel that.

2. When you get so used to shutting down your feelings, it makes it harder for you to hear your soul.

3. All the energy stays in your body which down the road can manifest into something more serious.

energy doesn’t lie.

So what do you do If you just aren’t feeling GOOD?

give yourself space to FEEL it all.

and know that it doesn’t make you a negative person to feel it.

Having different emotions is normal.

Feeling lost or feeling anything is normal.

Emotions have layers. They can be good or bad.

Either way, Emotions are what lead us to our soul and our soul has everything we need.

Remember that the next time you feel a lot of emotion. (the universe is speaking to you.)

What helped me learn to love all emotions?

Start opening up to yourself. Start writing all your feelings out in a journal. The more you get the energy out the better!

Create time for yourself. Starting a morning practice is a beautiful way to get in tune with your emotions.

Knowing that emotions are both positive and negative. Balance is key to everything in life.

Set alarms. Throughout your day have alarms that go off to remind you to check in and ask yourself how you are. I do this still and I love it.

Hire a mentor/healer or therapist. When I had someone I could trust to talk to about anything this was life changing.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

As always, choose to live EMpowered.

-Emma, xoxo.

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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