How to use Libra season to your advantage.

Hi beauties!!

Get ready for an energy shift

LIBRA SEASON STARTS TOMORROW! New season means NEW intentions and energy.

After leo and virgo season, libra season flows in at the perfect time.

With Leo season the energy is all about play and having FUN.

Virgo season reminds us to get real and clear out the shit that isn’t serving us.

Now onto Libra Season, Ruled by Venus. (all about love)

This season is all about balance and reminding us to stand our ground.

Bringing love and romance into our day to day life.

Start romanticizing your life NOW. Not your future life that you “want”, but the life you already have.

How can you look at your routine with love? and if you don’t love it, what routine can you start?

Aside from day to day life, where can you look at life with love?

The more you look at life through a lens of love, the more love you will attract.

Where can you shift into harmony with the universe more?

Start to see where you can start looking at your life with balance.

This one is huge, not just because of libra season but in general!

When you are able to live in a balanced place with the universe the more in alignment you are.

Main takeaways

  1. Really live your day to day life!
  2. Look for the balance in life, always!

As always, choose to live EMpowered.

-Emma, xoxo

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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