what is your normal?

Hi beautiful souls!

This past week I have been faced with a lot of healing from the past and I asked my guides why this was all coming up now. What is the lesson and how can I grow from this?

I kept hearing over and over again, “how are you feeling?”

Then they said look at your new normal.

My health was something that was always off.

I constantly had sinus infections, the flu, body aches, migraines, allergies, UTI’s double vision, stomach problems, rashes, asthma and MORE.

When I began my own healing journey, I realized that it’s not normal to be sick all the time.

I began to question everything in my life.

I started to question why my family was always sick and why it was normal.


our body hears and feels everything we do, say and feel.

our body soaks everything up like a sponge.

our body holds onto trauma and huge events that happen throughout our lives

If our mind is clear and we release what we are holding onto, so does our body.

If you are noticing you are constantly sick, maybe it’s time to ask yourself, Is this normal?

Our bodies only try to protect us and speak to us.

But so many of us don’t understand the language of the body.

It’s like our body speaks french and we only understand english.

Here are 2 simple ways to start listening to your body

  1. Start asking how you are feeling and write it all out. Remember, you are here on earth to feel good and live your best life.
  2. Free writing/ set a timer on you phone for 10 minutes and just write. Don’t overthink it just sit there with the intention to release anything out you your body. Once you write burn it or throw it away.

When I started to understand the code of the universe my sicknesses went away.

I took the time and released everything and anything that I had to. I did multiple sessions, went through an entire course and still show up for myself now every single day.

Healing isn’t easy at first.

BUT it is worth it.

Your body is your temple.

Your health is everything and you deserve to feel your best and LIVE your life.

As always, choose to LIVE EMpowered.

-Emma xoxo

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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