of course it would happen!

Hello Beautiful Souls!!

I want to share a topic that can feel hard at first but will change your life.

Instead of saying, “That probably won’t happen” or “That would be nice BUT.” “That could never happen for me” or “That’s just not my story.”

what if we said “OF COURSE.” or “When this happens”

This feeling of life having to be hard is a old belief that isn’t yours! It has been passed on by generation after generation.

Most of our beliefs are until we choose to re-write them.

Here’s the thing, If you believe your life has to be hard or things will never come true for you.. they won’t.

Not because the universe and divine don’t want you to be happy and abundant, but only because you don’t believe you can have it all.

It is time for you to re-write your story and the beliefs that were given to you.

Picture this, If you woke up and just knew whole heartedly that you were going to be blessed beyond measured.. you WOULD be.

and how amazing would that feel?

If you woke up and just knew that you were worthy of abundance, you would have all the abundance in the world.

When I say abundance i mean in every area of your life.

How do we start this?

by switching the mindset.

  1. Why not me? Write out in a journal why you deserve to have it all.
  2. Start replacing your words. Instead of not for me say, OF COURSE.

of course it would happen!

why wouldn’t it?

OF COURSE the universe has my back.

Remember, we live in an energetic universe. Our energy decides everything for us.

As always, Choose to Live EMpowered.

-Emma xoxo.

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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