love it before you leave it

Hello Beautiful Souls!

A common theme in my life and many of my clients has been asking the question, “When do I leave?”

Whether it’s a job, relationship, a move, or anything before you leave anything, you have to love it.

Here’s what I mean by that-

When you leave something unfinished or on a bad note, that will follow you to your next chapter.

When you become grateful for where you now even though you are ready to leave you are fully able to leave that chapter behind without holding back any energy.

When we leave something fast or angry we might feel like we can just leave and start over, BUT here is what happens… You leave but bring all the energy with you. So you think you are about to start over but really you are getting ready to start a new chapter with the same energy and nothing will change.

If you really want that new chapter and you don’t want you current situation to follow you.. you have to find the balance in where you are.

How do you do that?

Step one- Look at what you have learned. What emotions have come up for you? When we feel off in anyway it’s always an opportunity for growth!

Step two- What are you leaving for? Are you running to go find yourself? Are you leaving an unhappy situation? Get clear on the why.

Step Three- Find the HAPPINESS now. When you can find balance and gratitude in your life, you are in full alignment. When you can find happiness within yourself and for everything you learned you will then be able to fully move on to your next chapter.

Bottom line, before you leave LOVE IT.

Trust me, I left a lot of things too fast or without thinking about why I was really leaving. Every single time the same energy followed me. Because I was still the same person, I wasn’t looking at life as an opportunity to grow and I wasn’t looking at the balance at all.

BUT once I did, I was able to leave on a good note. I felt so good about my decision and nothing felt off .

As Always, Choose to Live EMpowered.

-Emma xoxo

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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