journal prompts for getting to know who you are.

Getting to know yourself on a deeper level will change your life. Start to date yourself.


What is my favorite thing to do?

What is something you couldn’t imagine living without?

What do you love about yourself?

What makes you feel safe?

When do you feel the most like yourself?

If you could be anything, what would it be?

What moments in your life have changed you for the better?

What makes you feel connected?

What beliefs do you choose to let go of?

What words do you constantly say to yourself?

What do you want to be known as?

What are your dreams?

Do you believe you can have them?

If not, why?

What is holding you back from living your best life?

Is it easy for you to say you love yourself?

Do you have a self love practice?

Do you journal?

What is one thing friends always come to you for?

How does it make you feel?

What in your life makes you so happy now?

What are your relationships like?

How do you feel about money?

How do you feel about the world?

Do you stand up for yourself?

Could you live alone?

Could you be by yourself?

What do you believe in and why?

Do you believe everything happens for you?

Do you believe in a higher power?

If you knew everything would work out, what would you be doing right now?

I hope these questions help you get to know yourself more!

As Always, Choose to Live EMpowered.

-Emma xoxo

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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