Energy update from source energy

Hello Beautiful Soul!

There is a lot happening with the collective and I want to share what my guides and angels are sharing with me about the energy now.

(02.08.2021 -02.14.2021)

What is your life showing you?

What “bumps” have come up? How are you feeling? What does your body feel like? What does your life look like?

Most importantly, How do you FEEL about it all?

Start to focus on your health.

That starts with noticing how you feel and paying attention to your life.

Our health and our life are connected.

They are not separate!

How we feel determines how we show up and how we show up determines our life.

The universe is constantly giving us clues and ways to feel our best, but most of us don’t see the clues.

Pay attention to your physical body, our body gives us so many clues.

Life is supposed to be good.

Feel into how that makes you feel.

Ask yourself, Does life feel good?

If not, How can I start tuning in and see WHY?

Health starts in the mind and flitters through our body over time.

Last message to share for this week :

Play around with the thoughts of life is good and always happening for you.

You may be reading this and be feeling defeated.

You may be feeling like life is hard or unfair.

The truth is, life is here for us.

I know you want to be happy and live your life.

It starts with taking a look around you right now and asking what season am I in now? How can I start to look at my life and make a shift?

Happiness is your birthright.

Living is your birthright.

Feel into those words.

As always, Choose to Live EMpowered.

-Emma xo

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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