Wellness Wednesday/ THE ENERGY BEHIND FOOD.

Hello Beautiful Soul!!!

I am all about high frequency foods and energy so I decided to start doing a wellness wednesday blog all on high frequency foods to add into your day.

Just like anything in the universe our food also has energy.

Whatever energy our food has we then put into our body.

The good news is that just like you can clear your own energy, you can also clear your food!

Benefits of clearing and charging your food:

You remove any negative energy.

You boost the frequency.

You are blessing your food.

You will feel better eating!

How to clear your food:

Set the intention to connect your food to light energy (picture your food with gold light from above and pink light from below.)

Set the intention to remove any negative energy.

Ways to eat mindfully:

Food is here to help us nourish our bodies.

When you set a negative intention about the food you are eating it will go directly onto your food and into your body.

No matter what you are eating, the energy behind it will go into your body.

If you are eating healthy because you are forcing yourself to, that exactly same energy will stay with your food.

If you eat something and you have regret that will stay with your food.

To start try saying to yourself:

I’m so grateful for what this food is doing for my body.

This makes me feel so good.

I love eating this.

I love how this food nourishes my body.

I love treating myself!

I love enjoying my food.

Eating this food makes me feel so good.

The point here is, how you feel about your food is everything.

and what you think your food you do for your body it will.

Food is not the enemy ever.

It is only the energy we give to it!

Food is here for YOU!

Key takeaways:

Everything in this universe is energy.

What you believe to be true will always be your truth.

The same thing goes for our food and how we feel about eating it.

This blog post ins’t here to make eating more confusing or to add any stress! I created this to share how to eat consciously.

As always, Choose to live EMpowered.

-Emma xo

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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