journal prompts for releasing beliefs

Hello beautiful soul!

If you have never worked on rewriting your beliefs this is the perfect blog for you.

When we are kids all our our beliefs are being formed, from our parents, school, media and society.

It is now up to us to rewrite them and choose how we want to feel and show up.

What is your core belief on life? Do you live with the knowing that you are supported by the universe and can co create? or do you live feeling out of control?

How do you feel everyday? Do you wake up ready to begin a new day? or do you feel like you are on autopilot?

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? How does that make you feel? Does it bring anything up for you?

How does this phrase make you feel? Life is full of gifts. Everything that happens is to help us evolve.

Do you believe everything you read or see? or do you do your own research/ gut feelings to decide?

Do you see life as being full of miracles? If not, why?

How do you want to feel? Don’t judge yourself here!

What do you want out of life? Nothing is too big.

If you said you want your life to be different:

Start by practicing the belief that life happens for you.

Everything has a beautiful gift that your soul needed to grow.

Look at your journey.

Write down everything good or bad that has happened to you.

Look at both sides.

When you are able to find balance in your journey you will then be able to reframe how you view your life now.

Remember, this takes practice to shift your mindset but the more you do this, the more it will naturally happen for you.

As Always, Choose to Live EMpowered.

-Emma xo

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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