Energy update from source energy

Hello beautiful soul!


Here is what source wants you to know for this coming week.

Don’t forget how unique you are.

When you feel behind or see others moving faster, it’s natural to try to do the same.

But just know; you are being called to remember to trust your timing and your gifts.

No one is going to be the same.

Success is different for everyone, but they all are just as important.

If you feel behind, lean into what makes you special and trust the universe.

Focus on what makes you, you.

What makes you special?

The more you focus on your gifts, the more you will use them and see how incredible you are.

Don’t ever try to dim your own light or change who you are.

Next focus on the miracles that happen all around you.

Miracles don’t always look the same, but they are gifts that the universe places in your life.

Shift your perception to see the balance in everything.

If it’s hard to notice the miracles, look at everything that is in your life. Both good and bad.

Write out exactly what each of them is teaching you.

I know this isn’t easy, however we are all here to evolve. Looking at our lessons is one way to evolve every single day.

As Always, Choose to Live EMpowered.

Emma Louise xo

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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