This reading will provide clarity on 2 or 3 questions you may have.

You will rceive intuitive and psychic information that your soul needs to hear.

Duration: 30 minutes

Investment: $77

This session provides the greatest shifts in your life. Looking at the biggest blocks in your life, clearing out what is holding you back and giving you the tools to use everyday.

This session includes an energetic healing: chakra boosting, dark energy removal, cord cutting, body healing and more

Duration: one hour

Investment: $250

Understand what your body is saying to you and how the spiritual meanings apply to your life.  Learn how to start using your body as a tool to guide you. 

Our bodies carry us, support us, hold on to all our memories, thoughts and emotions, block painful memories to protect us and most importantly they speak to us.

Duration: one hour

Investment: $250

(After booking any session you will receive an email to set up the time.)

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