EMpowered Body Series/ ANKLES

The universe speaks to us in so many ways. Using the body is just one way to better understand yourself and how to live an EMpowered Life. So what do I mean by this?? Everything that happens to your body can be decoded and can help you live your best life. Please note/ the universeContinue reading “EMpowered Body Series/ ANKLES”

Energy update from source energy

Hello beautiful soul! Here is the energy update from source energy. (03/22/21-03/28/21) This is the last week of heavy emotions. It’s time to let the emotions come up, let yourself be real with where you are. It’s time to re-write your story and create a new reality. What emotions are coming up for you? AreContinue reading “Energy update from source energy”

journal prompts for anxiety

Hello beautiful soul! I know that anxiety can feel over powering. It may even make you feel powerless. Be patient with yourself and know that you are protected. Everything happens for a reason and that includes anxiety. What we experience is always here for us, to help us evolve. If you are experiencing anxiety hereContinue reading “journal prompts for anxiety”