journal prompts for owning who you are

Hello beautiful soul!! This weeks prompts are on owning who you are. Every single thing about you is perfect and you were created exactly how you were supposed to be. Everything you think is wrong with you or you feel should be different is what makes you, you. What do you think is “wrong” withContinue reading “journal prompts for owning who you are”

journal prompts for regret

Hello beautiful soul!! This weeks prompt is for diving into regret. Everything that we do or don’t do happens for a reason. Before we dive in, take a deep breath in and start this with a loving energy for yourself. You are doing the best you can with what you know. and you are alwaysContinue reading “journal prompts for regret”

journal prompts for connecting to your purpose

Hi beautiful soul! Purpose can be filled with so much pressure. If you are reading this, you may feel like you don’t have one or that there is nothing unique about you. I want you to know you are so unique and there is no one else like you. The universe and your higher powerContinue reading “journal prompts for connecting to your purpose”

journal prompts for resentment

Hello beautiful soul! This weeks journal prompts are all on resentment and how to start releasing it from your body. If you do hold onto a lot from the past and feel resentment, first know that it is okay. Don’t feel any shame for it. You are holding onto it for a reason and nowContinue reading “journal prompts for resentment”

journal prompts for triggers

Hello beautiful soul! The word triggers or feeling triggered is commonly used. Everyone is constantly feeling triggered, and that is not a bad thing! Triggers revealed what is ready to be healed. The next time you feel triggered, take a deep breath and remember it’s just something inside yourself ready to come up. Here’s someContinue reading “journal prompts for triggers”