2 ways to feel clear now

Hi beautiful soul! There’s a lot of energy happening right now and with that comes a lot of clearing both physically and energetically. Energetically clearing out what doesn’t serve you and getting CLEAR on what you are choosing to call in. Here are 2 ways to feel clear now/ Know what you don’t want. AsContinue reading “2 ways to feel clear now”

2 ways to boost your self image!

Hi beautiful soul!! Here are 2 ways to boost your self image daily! 1.MIRROR WORK / Looking at yourself either using your phone or directly in the mirror and saying I LOVE YOU. This one will feel awkward and uncomfortable at first but overtime will get easier. Some emotions may come up doing this oneContinue reading “2 ways to boost your self image!”

You can do it all.

Hi Beauty!! If you are reading this, I have a feeling we are similar. Maybe you have felt like you HAVE to only be one thing in life. You have to go after one career or you have to act one way. For some people that is great BUT That isn’t how to universe madeContinue reading “You can do it all.”

Own what makes you, YOU.

Hi Beauty!! I’m sure I’m not alone in this…. Over my life I have tried to fit in or do things that I thought would make people love me and accept me. I shut down parts of myself I thought people wouldn’t like. I kept my true feelings to myself. and in the process ofContinue reading “Own what makes you, YOU.”

Being real with yourself, means feeling every single emotion you have.

Hi beauty!! Idk about you but I used to think I could only be positive or have “good vibes only” allllllll the time if I wanted to be successful or happy! Being real with yourself, means feeling every single emotion you have. Even if it is considered a “negative” one. I tried this for aContinue reading “Being real with yourself, means feeling every single emotion you have.”