It isn’t that you are lazy, you just aren’t inspired.

Hello Beautiful Souls! xo For today’s blog,I want to talk about procrastination. Is it actually a bad thing? or Is it your soul telling you something? I am a firm believer in every emotion meaning something, and I feel the exact same way about procrastination. Here’s the thing, When we really want something no oneContinue reading “It isn’t that you are lazy, you just aren’t inspired.”

2 ways to feel clear now

Hi beautiful soul! There’s a lot of energy happening right now and with that comes a lot of clearing both physically and energetically. Energetically clearing out what doesn’t serve you and getting CLEAR on what you are choosing to call in. Here are 2 ways to feel clear now/ Know what you don’t want. AsContinue reading “2 ways to feel clear now”

EMpowered Body Series// Elbow

The universe speaks to us in so many ways. Using the body is just one way to better understand yourself and how to live an EMpowered Life. So what do I mean by this?? Everything that happens to your body can be decoded and can help you live your best life. Please note/ the universeContinue reading “EMpowered Body Series// Elbow”