journal prompts for allowing

Hello beautiful soul! Fully allowing yourself to be you, no matter what stage you are in or no matter how you are feeling is a deep practice. Allowing yourself to feel is a deep practice. Here are some prompts to come back to when you are ready to fully allow: Before you start I wantContinue reading “journal prompts for allowing”

journal prompts for navigating

Hello beautiful soul! Navigating your next steps can feel complicated. There can be a lot of pressure to choose to right one. Here’s the thing, there is no way you will ever mess it up. You are always guided to where your soul needs to be. Here are some prompts to help you feel goodContinue reading “journal prompts for navigating”

Journal prompts to release emotions from the body.

Our body stores all of our emotions until we work through them. Most of us have no idea how much we are holding onto. From childhood and what society pushes on us. Here are some prompts to do on a day to day basis// Morning journal – How am I feeling so far? Is thereContinue reading “Journal prompts to release emotions from the body.”

Easy ways to start journaling

Want to start journaling but have no idea how? start here! Don’t overthink it! Journaling isn’t meant to be a chore, it’s here for you to help better understand who you are. Journaling helps bing clarity, self love, and can completely transform your entire life. (like it did for me.) Number one, begin asking yourselfContinue reading “Easy ways to start journaling”

What is working?

Hello beautiful souls! It is that time of year again. It is time to focus on what is working and what isn’t! While I don’t believe we need a new month or a new year to change, as a collective we are programmed into thinking of the new year as a fresh start. I believeContinue reading “What is working?”

Releasing Beliefs

How do you know what beliefs to release? Start by checking in on the WHY behind them. Did someone give you them? or are they your own? Prompts to use- What beliefs are mine? Ask yourself what your truth is. Check for a feeling! Where did your beliefs start? How are they currently serving me?Continue reading “Releasing Beliefs”

journal prompts for getting to know who you are.

Getting to know yourself on a deeper level will change your life. Start to date yourself. // What is my favorite thing to do? What is something you couldn’t imagine living without? What do you love about yourself? What makes you feel safe? When do you feel the most like yourself? If you could beContinue reading “journal prompts for getting to know who you are.”

Journal prompts for checking in MIND BODY AND SOUL.

How often do you check in with yourself? and I don’t just mean check in on how “successful” you are. I mean checking in mind body and SOUL. M I N D How am I feeling mentally? Am I putting myself first? Do I feel burnt out? If so, how can I allow myself time?Continue reading “Journal prompts for checking in MIND BODY AND SOUL.”