The work that you CHOOSE to do is a bonus, but that’s not what makes you worthy.

You don’t have to be anything

You don’t have to do anything

you are still WORTHY.


You were born perfectly YOU.

The work that you CHOOSE to do is a bonus, but that’s not what makes you worthy.

The inner work is a BONUS.

The self love is a BONUS.

The journaling and healing are all a bonus and ADD to your life.

Your career ADDS to your life.

Your relationships ADD to it.

Do I still believe that inner work and healing are key factors of living your best life? YES. 1000000%.

BUT that isn’t what defines you as worthy.


I used to think I had to work all day and heal completely to be somewhat worthy.

I used to burn myself to the ground because I want to feel like I was enough.

But that kind of mindset and way of living isn’t sustainable.

I was always sick, working so hard and still felt unworthy.

What determines your worth?


just being YOU.

Ways to feel worthy/

  1. Write out all the ways you are worthy. examples- you were created! your unique soul was chosen
  2. Practice doing nothing and feeling worthy. This one is hard but SO good.
  3. “Baby Talk”. Talk to yourself like you would a baby. Think about how proud you get when a baby just sits there and smiles!! Start treating yourself like that.

As Always, Choose To Live EMpowered.

-Emma xoxo

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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