What is working?

Hello beautiful souls!

It is that time of year again.

It is time to focus on what is working and what isn’t!

While I don’t believe we need a new month or a new year to change, as a collective we are programmed into thinking of the new year as a fresh start.

I believe we have the power to change our life the moment we choose to.

It all starts in the mind.

What are you doing now for your mind? What can you focus on more?

Do you take time to journal?

Do you take time to word dump your feelings out?

What do you do you do for your physical body?

Do you move your body everyday? How do you treat your body and yourself?

Do you fuel your body with nutrient dense foods?

Do you have a practice with a higher power?

Do you have something you believe in?

Do you take care of your soul?

Do you set boundaries for yourself?

Have you started getting to know who you are?

Do you love your life?

Do you have your dream job?

Do you know what you want?

If not, what did you love to do as a child?

What hobbies do you have?

What are you doing now that you love?

What do you know deep down isn’t helping you?

How can you choose to let that go now?

As Always, Choose To Live EMpowered.

-Emma xoxo

Published by Emma Louise

Creator of The EMpowered Life Blog and Intuitive Healer/Psychic Medium

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